Protecting the privacy of any personal information you may provide is of the utmost importance to The Golden Castle Casino. This includes your name and address, birth date, banking/credit card details along with other relevant information provided. The Golden Castle Casino strictly adheres to the data security and privacy laws of the countries we operate in, and thus all information usage will be observed under these rules and regulations.

The Golden Castle Casino stores your information for your next visit The Golden Castle Casino stores the information you’ve inputted right from registering. This includes personal information such as a name, address, date of birth, and banking details. These are stored to make your next login and/or transactions quicker.

For players who already have an account with The Golden Castle Casino, you may enable session cookies to enable you to re-enter our Website without re-entering your credentials. Our web servers keep track of the pages you visit within our Website.

How your Personal Information will be used

The Golden Castle Casino processes your Personal Information within the bounds of relevant data privacy laws. We use the information provided for the following purposes: 1. Account Administration
2. Accounts and Records Maintenance
3. Monitoring Website/Page Traffic
4. Monitoring Quality of Service
5. Tracking Player Preferences for Custom Promotions
Any recorded data that fall under the above-mentioned purposes remains a property of The Golden Castle Casino. We may monitor our communication with you, whether it be in live chat or electronic email, to serve as a basis for improving the services we provide.

Disclosing your Personal Information

The Personal Information you have provided may, for the purposes stated above, be disclosed or transferred to associate companies or partner business solution providers. Only the relevant information pertaining to a service provided/requested will be disclosed. This disclosure policy, based on law or regulatory policies, also extends to any regulatory government authority